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Local Meeting minutes

January March May July
September November December  
May October November  
February March April May
June September October November
February March May June
July September October November
March June July August
September October November December
January February March April

Area Meeting minutes and supporting documents

January March June September
AM accounts year ended 31st December 2011
March June September November
January March Outreach Conference Report

Other documents

June 2011 Letter to Oliver Letwin MP
July 2011 Report to LM from Resident Friend
October 2011 Report to LM on activities of children's meeting
October 2011 Report to LM on E&O 2010-11
January 2012 Notes on meeting with Oliver Letwin 7-1-2012
January 2012 Big Green Believers Agreement
February 2012 Bridport LM/Dunster Trust Memorandum of Understanding
March 2012 Life of the Meeting 2009-2011 Report for Area Meeting
June 2012 Salisbury Flats - fact sheet for AM July 12
October 2012 Report to LM on E&O 2011-12
December 2012 Resident Friend's report to LM December 2012
December 2012 Premises Committee report to LM December 2012
December 2012 Report to Local Meeting on BQM Finances 2012 - year to date
December 2012 LM draft budget figures 2013
June 2014 LM Accounts 2014

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